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Standard brush Strip Range – Upright Carrier 180°

standard range carrier 180

£12.15£226.27 excl. VAT

The Upright Carrier is available in six section sizes with over 40 trim lengths or manufactured to customer specification.
Standard lengths: 2.0 metre, 2.5 metre and 3.0 metres. Cut lengths are available on request.

£12.15£226.27 excl. VAT
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A Brush strip upright carrier 180 can be used for an infinite variety of applications, including sealing against air, light, dust and sound. They can also be fitted as guides and retainers.

Reduce draughts, shaking and rattling with our range of quality brush strips and seals.

Browse our extensive collection of brush strips and seals on-line and feel free to call our experts for help and advice on our products. We have a variety of door seals, ideal for roller shutters, sectional and hinged doors in the workplace.

Available in six section sizes with over 40 trim lengths or manufactured to customer specification.
Standard lengths: 2.0 metre, 2.5 metre and 3.0 metres. Cut lengths are available on request.

Standard Materials
Filaments: Extruded from type 6 nylon

  • Hard wearing
  • Good memory
  • Working temperature range: – 40ºc to +100ºc.

Metal Backing: Electro Galvanised Steel
Core Wire: Electro Galvanised Steel.
Fixing Carrier: Mill Finish Extruded Aluminium in 180º, 90º and 45º flanges

  • Anodised or painted finishes available on request.

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