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Garage Door Seals
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Garage Door Seals

Formseal supply a range of garage door seals for “Up & Over” Garage doors!
Instead of brush strip seals we are able to offer an aluminium carrier complete with rubber insert for your Garage doors - contact us today for more details.

Garage Door Seals - Domestic & Commercial Garage Door Seals


• EPDM Rubber Inserts for our number 3 section carrier.
• Ideal seal for top and bottom of garage doors.

Number 3 section


30mm trim out.

Ref: RS3/30-180 (bottom of door)
Ref: RS3/30-45 (top of door)

55mm trim out.

Ref: RS3/55-180 (bottom of door)
Ref: RS3/55-45 (top of door)

garage door seal 45º

Garage Door Seals
garage door seal 180º
garage door seals

Garage Door Floor Seals

Garage Door Threshold Seals

Garage Door Floor Threshold Seals

Garage door floor seals, floor thresholds seals for domestic and commercial garage doors.

Garage Floor Door Seal come in lenghts to suit your needs.



Garage floor door seals

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